5 Questions One Should ask When Choosing a Dentist

Apr 01, 2019

Making decisions is a natural part of life. Whether you visit a grocery store to decide what all to buy or even when relaxing at home, you make decisions on what to watch on TV. Similarly, choosing a new family dentist is a decision you must make. Yet, unlike all the easy choices, picking your family dentist requires some serious detailed research and thought. Some of them are listed below:

Does he have a good reference and is experienced?

Today’s generation can easily choose their dentists based on online reviews as there is plenty of opportunity to research a dentist. But it’s also important to gain positive references which indicates that the dentist is respected in their field and that their patients are satisfied. One should also invest time to search for patient reviews on their website, social media and online forums.

Does he take x-rays when necessary?

Sometimes the early stages of some serious conditions have no warning signs or oral pain. But X-rays can rule out any serious problems and help dentists suggest the best treatment option. One should ask dentists how often they take x-rays? Do they take X-rays every year?

Does the dentist take part in continuing educational opportunities beyond any state requirements?

With technology advancing faster, it’s crucial to know what kind of continuing education policies exist at your chosen dental practice. State requirements differ but balance should be maintained, a regular schedule of yearly continuing education, backed up by practical application in the dental office should be the goal.

Areas of specialty

Some dentists specialise in certain conditions, while others provide a range of services. One should ask each dentist their area of specialty. Do they specialize in implants, TMJ, orthodontics, cosmetics, etc.?

Can they fit their appointments according to your Schedule?

It’s important when choosing a dentist that you find someone with appointments that actually work within your schedule! It’s always recommended to find a dental office that has extended hours and is open on Saturdays too.

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