Are Dental Bridges Better Than Dental Implants?

Feb 01, 2021

If you have one or several missing teeth and are sick and tired of removing your dentures every night, you may consider more permanent tooth replacement solutions. Recently dental implants have become incredibly popular, making them seem an appropriate solution for your situation.

Before you jump to any conclusions, learn how traditional fixed dental bridges are a better option for many people for various reasons. You would help yourself if you visited the Mesa dentist for a consultation to understand which option is best suited for your specific condition. Let us provide some reasons why dental bridges are a better solution than implants in some cases.

What Is the Variation Within Dental Implants and Bridges?

Dental implants and dental bridges both serve similar purposes of replacing missing teeth. Both replacement options have a set of benefits and downsides that need consideration before having them.

A dental implant consists of a titanium post that is implanted into the jawbone and allowed to heal before a dental crown takes the place of your natural tooth. The fake tooth has a realistic appearance. If dental implant placement happens in a healthy mouth and is correctly cared for, the prosthetic can remain with you for a lifetime.

Several crowns are required to make a fixed dental bridge. Two crowns are attached to the healthy teeth beside the blank space left by the missing tooth or teeth. An additional crown serving as an artificial tooth for the missing teeth is then attached to the dental crowns. Oral surgery is not required for having dental bridges like it is familiar with implants. Dental bridges last for over a decade if maintained with proper dental hygiene.

Why Are Dental Bridges Considered Better Than Dental Implants?

After understanding the differences between implants and Bridges, you may wonder when does a dental bridge becomes a better option than a dental implant. You may attempt to understand why you must consider dental bridges over implants despite information about their durability being less than dental implants. Continue reading to understand the four situations where you may benefit from dental bridges compared to dental implants.

You Are a Diabetic

People with diabetes and dental implants are prone to implant failure than those placed in non-diabetics. The chances of wound infections and the slower healing process of your body can result in implant failure making dental bridges a better option for you.

Periodontal Disease Affects You

If you are affected by gum disease, you must receive treatment for the condition before having a dental implant. Dentists don’t recommend dental implants for people with gum disease because it leads to dental implant infection called Peri-implantitis. This infection is a leading cause of implant failure.

Many people find it challenging to eradicate gum disease but require tooth replacement solutions. In such cases, dental bridges are a better option than a dental implant. As dental bridges are not inserted into the jawbone, they are less likely to be affected by gum disease. However, if you let plaque and tartar buildup accumulate beneath the artificial tooth, you are still vulnerable to developing gum disease that needs treatment from a periodontist.

Doctors Have Prescribed Certain Medications to You

The chances of implant failure are also different medicines that doctors may prescribe for you. Implant failure is standard among people taking PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) to control heartburn, SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) to regulate depression and anxiety, and medications for osteoarthritis called a bisphosphonate.

The above description shouldn’t discourage you from having dental implants if you wish. However, you must also consider dental bridges instead if you are ingesting any of these drugs.

When you have one or several missing teeth and are looking for a permanent tooth replacement solution besides dentures, it helps to use the information published in this article before you decide. The information helps you to determine whether dental implants or bridges are a better option for you.

Your dentist evaluates your mouth and overall health condition before recommending any specific solution for your needs. That said, we must confirm both solutions are appropriate for replacing missing teeth. It is your particular situation that determines whether you can have implants or bridges for yourself. Therefore it would help if you made an informed decision after consulting the Mesa dentist keeping the information in this article in mind.

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