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Dental Bridges in Mesa, AZ

Dental bridges are used in restorative dentistry to do exactly what their name implies. They bridge a gap between one to three teeth that have been lost or removed. We know at Unique Dental Care that many patients in Mesa have questions about the dental bridge procedure, so we’ve compiled the following most commonly asked questions we hear in our practice.

Why is a dental bridge called a “bridge”?

The answer to this question is easy since the term “bridge” describes the exact function of the procedure – to bridge a gap that’s been created between one to three missing teeth in a patient’s mouth.

How is a dental bridge constructed?

Generally, bridges are made of one or more artificial teeth, most often made of porcelain, which are held in place by two abutments. Your dentist secures the abutments, most often comprised of dental crowns, to either side of the gap that’s been created from your missing teeth to create an anchor for long-term stability.

Is there more than one type of bridge that a dentist can use?

Yes, there are three types of dental bridges — traditional bridges, cantilever bridges, and Maryland bonded bridges – and your dentist will determine which is best suited for your unique situation.

How often will I have to have a dental bridge procedure?

Dental bridges can last up to 15 years if you engage in proper oral hygiene practices at home and maintaining regular examinations and professional cleanings where your dentist will be able to identify problems sooner rather than later and suggest action if needed.

Why do I need a bridge – can’t I just have a few missing teeth?

Some patients believe they can manage just fine with one or a few missing teeth, but what happens, in reality, is that their ability to chew is compromised. Also, over time, a patient’s remaining teeth will naturally shift and create gaps between the remaining teeth which can lead to trapped food, decay, and periodontal disease. And last, missing teeth can affect the shape of your face over time.

If you have more questions or want to learn if you’re a candidate for a dental bridge procedure at Unique Dental Care, please make an appointment today in our conveniently located Mesa office.

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