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Oral Cancer Screenings in Mesa, AZ

No one ever wants to find out that they have late-stage cancer. However, many people overlook the possibility of cancer in the mouth, and it can go years without ever being detected. Oral cancer screenings are very important, and getting them done twice a year will keep you closely monitored and safe against the potential for oral cancer.

At any given routine oral exam and cleaning, usually, an oral cancer screening is conducted in order to perform the most thorough dental exam possible. We’re going to talk about how this examination is done, and what oral cancer can even look like if it is something you want to stay up to date with between dental examination appointments.

Who Should Be Worried About Oral Cancer?

Getting screened for oral cancer is something many people need to keep at the top of their minds, especially older patients. It should be noted that no study has proven that oral cancer screenings are able to save the lives of those that are screened, but there are many benefits receiving these kinds of exams. In the following list, we will take a look at certain habits that patients exhibit now or in the past that put them at a higher risk of oral cancer. Patients that benefit the most from these kinds of oral cancer screening tend to have certain backgrounds:

  • Tobacco use
  • Heavy alcohol abuse
  • History of significant sun exposure
  • Previous oral cancer diagnosis
  • Genetic links that are found on either maternal or paternal sides of the gene pool

The Examination Process

The examination process of an oral cancer screening is typically simple and performed by a trained dental professional or general physician. Different signs can indicate cancer or precancerous conditions. Ultimately, an oral cancer screening is used to identify any cancerous conditions at its earliest stages. By taking a look at the mouth, throat, cheeks, and other areas of the head, physicians are able to pinpoint earlier signs of cancer in order to inhibit the growth or spread of this cancer throughout the body.

What to Do If Your Dentist Finds Cancer?

In the case that your dentist does find cancer, there are certain avenues you can take according to your circumstances and needs. Usually, a general physician is put into the equation to further the customization of your care. In order to get any additional questions answered or concerns addressed, the best thing you can do is contact us at Unique Dental Care in Mesa. Don’t hesitate, as we would love to see you and ensure your overall well-being here at our Mesa office. Give us a call today!

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