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Teeth Cleaning Procedure – All You Must Know

Feb 07, 2020

For a healthy smile, you need to do some extra effort. Following good oral hygiene sounds great but sometimes that does not end as you expect it to be. That does not mean you did not follow the steps properly but there can be several other reasons. Germ invasion is the most common source of bad oral health. If you are a smoker or alcoholic, that may contribute to bad oral health. Brushing and flossing are not just enough in such conditions. To make sure your oral hygiene stays perfect, teeth cleaning procedures are available. You can get it once or twice in six months and have a brighter and healthier smile.

Benefits of Teeth Cleaning

You may need cleaning after a heavy and meaty meal. You may be thinking of doing it yourself but professional cleaning is mandatory once or twice in six months. There are several benefits to the cleaning process and here are some to help you.

Brighter Smile

The professional cleaning removes all spots on your teeth. The smile becomes brighter and you look more beautiful. Any discoloration or stains are removed.

Prevent Cancer

Regular cleaning results in cancer prevention. The germs or cancer-causing agents are removed. Before cleaning, most doctors ask for a digital x-ray which identifies any issues with oral health. Symptoms of cancer are diagnosed earlier and prevention is possible.

Prevents Gum Disease and Tooth Loss

Deep cleaning is also responsible for protection against gum disease. Infectious agents are removed and the gums stay protected. Moreover, the teeth stay in good shape. Most infections result in tooth loss which can be prevented with regular cleaning.

The procedure of Dental Cleaning

The dentist will follow the below stated steps for the cleaning process. The procedure is simple. You do not have to fear the pain. This process is painless. The steps involved in the process are:

A Detailed Exam

Dental hygienists mostly perform this process. The dentist will ask for an exam first. This exam not only depends upon an x-ray but your medical history is taken as well. The oral cavity will be deeply assessed. This will help the dentist to diagnose any symptoms of infection.

Plaque Removal

Using a mirror and scaler, your dentist will scratch plaque and tartar from your teeth. This will not damage the enamel. Plaque is formed by the remains of food particles. It embraces several problems like infections. Scratching it will give better results.

Tartar is a severe form of plaque. Growth in plaque results in a hard layer called tartar. You may remove plaque at home with brushing and flossing but tartar can be removed at the clinic only.

Electronic Brushing for Better Cleaning

Now your teeth will be cleaned with an electronic brush. It allows for better and faster cleaning. Any dirt remains are cleaned. You will hear a grinding noise while the brushing step is going on.


Your dentist will also floss your teeth during the cleaning process. The expert flossing procedure takes about a minute or less but any plaque between the teeth is removed completely. The agents are a cause for halitosis or bad breath. Cleaning helps prevent bad breath as well.

Mouth Rinses are Important

After brushing and flossing, your mouth will be rinsed with mouthwash. It helps in protecting the teeth from germs and freshens the breath. Usually, rinses with fluoride are preferred.

Fluoride Treatment

Lastly, a mouthpiece is filled with foamy fluoride paste that is left on your teeth for one minute. A fluoride varnish may also be used. The basic purpose of this treatment is to protect your teeth against cavities for a long time.

Post-Cleaning Care Tips

You get professional or deep cleaning twice or thrice every year. Meanwhile, you have to maintain the cleaning procedure performed earlier. To make sure the cleaning lasts longer, caring about them is important. Here are a few tips that can help.

  • Brush twice a day regularly
  • Floss every day
  • Use a mouth rinse before and after every meal
  • Fluoride toothpaste is a better option
  • Visit the dentist regularly

If you are searching for teeth cleaning near you, visit us now. Our facility will provide a comfortable deep cleaning procedure. Your smile will get better.

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